The ultimate point and shoot camera

Technology. Is this really photography. Taking AI technology and consuting with three professional photographers. Google introduces a camera that does it all.


It finds the picture, runs a 7-second video. Put the camera anywhere and it does the rest. Sounds like an interesting way to enjoy a family Christmas. You aren't behind the camera, but in there enjoying the moment. And saving the memory.


Masters of Photography - not a button pusher

Not specializing in anything but photography, it amazes me the versatility from still life, to nature, to fashion, to portraiture, and photojournalism. It's all art. Reporting on the world around him.

Would like to read his autobiography, discover how and why he switched from one style to another. Always open to change. This Sixties film shows him shooting motion picture and also 35mm. Going with the flow. He was more interested in seeing.  And he was a leader

Formed a photo club in his 20's then off to NYC where he edited Stieglitz's Camera Works. Then as a starving artist in France accepted a position as fashion photographer for Vogue (who previously had to rely on artist sketches and wanted to take advantage of this new technology) Doing corporate work he became the riches photographer in the world and deciding to retire in his fifties. Only to become so passionate about saving democracy that to came out of retirement to cover the U. S. Navy in WWII. This led to becom…

Does it matter where you see it?

I've been taking photos of Post Offices with the internet pulling everyone to e-mail, message, Facebook, etc. The old Post Office isn't the heart of the city anymore.

Post Offices come in all sizes, but the old ones built before 1950 are being replaced by more modern, more cookie cutter and smaller. What was interesting in the late Thirties was government hiring artists. The Depression had lasted too long, everyone was starving, especially artists. President Franklin Roosevelt created the Painting and Sculpture Section to bring art to Federal buildings.

In Arlington, Texas, there was a contest in 1941 for artists to do a painting for the small post office. Texan Otis Dozier bid on doing something either highlighting cotton, dairy or pecans. It Arlington they also had a government supported pecan orchard. So Dozier painted a scene of families harvesting pecan nuts.

It's one of 106 murals created for Texas post offices and other federal buildings. Something for residents to …

Watchout and avoid spam on Instagram

It's fun to post stills and video on instagram, but it is now getting spam and advertising that you may no want. Here's a link to another blog on tips for Instragram.

Smartphone photos are art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is showing till December 17, 2017 a collection of smartphone photos. printed and mounted on the wall, the exhibit is Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Converstions Between Artists.

Wall Street article on August 16th" says "Talking Pictures" may one day be seen as the first successful museum show about camera-phone art.

Going on saying "almost everyone is now a photographer, often a good one."

Telephoto lens - - -try a pair of binoculars

With all the talk about photographing the eclipse on August 21st, I thought I'd remind smartphone photographers to use a pair o binoculars to get closer. Just taking a photo with the smartphone will only show the sun as a speck.

The makers say that taking a photo into the sun won't damage the camera!

You will need to mount the phone on a tripod and free up your hands for holding the pair of binoculars steady. Takes some moving it around to get it centers. Maybe a friend could hold the pair of binoculars for you while you study the back. Tap on the sun to get everything in focus. Then take the photo

Here is a sample of a normal view, then one holding the binoculars in front of the lens.

Of course you can just look at it yourself with a pair of "eclipse" glasses. There will be plenty of quality photos taken. But, being able to change the focal length with a pair of binoculars gives you a way to photograph a pet or child playing sports or preforming on stage. When you a…

Extra equipment software used

Jim Pickerall, stock photographer extraordinaire, now has a newsletter and consulting service on selling stock and video. Most recent newsletter calls attention to Apple iPhone ads showing off the camera ability in the new devices.

Noting that Apple has in the bottom .. . "Additional equipment and software used"
What Sells?
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Assuming you are taking pictures because you want to earn some money from what you produce, it would be very helpful to have some information about which images among the hundreds of millions out there are actually selling, and how frequently. What’s in demand? - Read the whole story...

Shooting Video With A Smartphone
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The ads make it sound easy to get great pictures using a smartphone. Certainly a lot can be done with an iPhone 7, but when watching a spectacular ad look for the little n…

iPhone of the future!?

Mashable on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone tries to look forward to the next 10 years. It never goes the way you think. I've always enjoyed reading in the Sixties how the first digital device would be the front door lock. Arguing how it hasn't been upgraded in hundreds of years. Oh well, the crystal ball is a bit cloudy.

So it will have better sound and range. But how much will it cost. Will land lines be extinct? e already have a great camera. So it will have to have some sort of zoom lens. What we really need is better archiving and then there is video.

Only way to know is wait and see.