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Best way to copy from a smartphone?

Sometimes you simply need a photo of a price tag or remember where you parked your car, images that will be deleted he phone in a brief time. But now there are apps to make better copies of contracts, posters, and old family prints. Keepers! Enabling you to pull up family and friends pictures taken at those memorable events.

Google introduced in November PhotoScan app which takes out reflections by shooting four images and stitching it together. It is also a larger image that what you'd take with a single photo.

As a former newspaper photographer, I have always been interested capturing the moment, to show/preserve a moment in history. Remember the moment! Often families only remember what they see in the photo.

I have been scanning negatives, and prints to digital images. Saving the files on DVD discs, external hard-drives and the cloud. Google is also trying to help share the images digitally, but keep it simple.

Using your smartphone PhotoScan app starts with a full frame shot…

Tis the season and there are gifts for all smartphones

We have new smartphones coming on the market offering better ways to capture events, but there's now added accessories for smartphone owners to improve their shooting. "Be professional" as the endcap display in Best Buy promotes.

Well, holding the camera steady is good. Not sure this makes you a professional.

Last year it seemed that everything was for iPhone only, now that extra lens, external mic, tripod mount, short table-top tripod, filters will fit on any smartphone.

Lots of little items and now the problem is how to keep them with you and find them when you want to use it.

A Domke Wrap does it! The camera bag for a smartphone Pro.

This material began some 35 years ago as a replacement to the lens pouch, it was a lot easier and safer to get the lens wrapped than having to try to fit in into a sock or small sack. Photographers discovered this "wrap" could also cover a view camera lens!

It wasn't just for wrapping either. It could be an envelop to drop a…