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Gear for mobile photography (iPhone and Android)

Some new products are out there to take advantage of the smartphone, and there is a resurgence in film and prints. Interesting times.

The Wall Street Journal reported on five companies making "instant cameras" and writer Michael Hsu says "I blame my iPhone, which makes snapping (and hoarding) mediocre photos all too easy. But darn, it is only a print, he then  recommends using the Google PhotoScan app to copy the print into the smartphone so it can be shared.

Sorry but I don't understand instant printing, seems like more trouble than simply using your smartphone intelligently. It was nice in the film days, when it took hours or days to see what the film camera had taken. With digital you see it immediately, but take time and edit out duplicates, mediocre shots and those photos taken just to remember where you parked the car.

Then FastCompany magazine issues their "Design Awards" which includes a photo software app, Infltr by Yooshr that offers 7 million f…

Trying to keep it simple - - -


The fire was burning in the fireplace and the family was here for the holiday, capture the moment. Don't just take a group shot, make a video of two brothers jamming.

Make it good!

Using my iPad, I want to have good lighting, good sound and not shaky! But I don't need to spend several hundred dollars on a video camera and I don't need to edit it in a computer. Use the apps: FilMic Pro and iMovie is all it takes.

The challenge here is to compare. Is this being cheap and too amateurish? Or, does it look professional? The same rules apply whether it is a smartphone or a digital camera.

With video it is hard to keep it simple.
Here's what was used:
iOgrapher with 2X telephoto lens
RodeMic Go with ipad/iphone adaptor
Savage LED-204 light