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Shoot better smartphone images

Before the Spring Break, Personal Technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler was motivated to help readers take "better vacation photos." Offering 28 ways to improve their picture with two ideas being to upgrade to a camera, "you can get a pocket-size camera like Sony's RX-100 V." Or his last tip was if no money was concern, Canon's $3,500 5D Mark IV with a 35mm Sigma fixed focus lens for $900.

Hey! What about the Sony and Olympus Lens cameras (see earlier blogs) that use your smartphone as the viewfinder and use bigger sensor, interchangeable lens, and will fit in your coat pocket?

Confusing? Take better pictures with a smartphone by not using it and getting a camera? Hey there are some great photos being taken and the smartphone is with you and ready when you see the photo. He did add that pictures of food should be eliminated except if they were tied to special events like photo of a birthday cake with message on top.

Reading the article I agree that people ta…