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You're here so start filming

I've been saving some clips as interesting points, milestones, on the evolution of photography. Starting with an old article I'd saved by Bert Keppler in Modern Photography's September 1981 issue, where in his SLR Notebook column he reviews the new F-1 Canon SLR.

To his surprise it wasn't electronic like the new Canon A-1, AE-1, etc. "Plastic has taken a back seat to all-metal construction of a very rugged professional nature - the new body is even more rugged than the former F-1," he writes.

ASA (or ISO) went from 6 to 6400, and new titanium shutter going from 8-seconds to 1/2000th.

"Canon engineers feel straight scale and needle is preferred by most pros over the newer-fangled indicators--needles take less battery juice," notes Keppler. The old F-1 didn't have a hotshoe for a flash you had to slide an adapter over the film rewind know, but the new F-1 had a hot-shoe ontop of the prism. That was the main reason to upgrade.

Those were the good o…