Help is on the way for Seniors to master their mobile picture taking

FYI: I'll be teaching at Tarrant County Community College's Northeast campus this Fall.
Sign-up online in August for beginners course on photography using your smartphone (as today's cellphone is called).

Check out this family moment taken at my house one evening during the holiday's  This was using my iPad. Then edited to only one minute after editing in iMovie. The course will show you how to do it with iPhone or Android.

There are a lot of apps, but rather being so eager to post you need to take a little time to make it worth the time for families to look at it. Take lots of pictures, but only send the one or two that best shows what happened. Every picture should add to the story, be a different moment. DON'T SEND EVERYTHING.

Another course will focus on preserving memories, choices for scanning in prints and making albums and storytelling video. A short over few highlighting all your choices. This is something that only you can do. You have to decide what is important and what to throw out. It is tough, the baby picture was nice when the child was born, but does anyone care but the parents? Need to preserve more than just the photos, scan the report card and drawings.

These courses are all provided by the Continuing Education department at TCCD-NE under Senior Section. Enrollment is just $25 and anyone over 60 can take as many classes as they want. Classes meet for four hours in the morning or afternoon and last only for one or two weeks. Then it's over.


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