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Extra equipment software used

Jim Pickerall, stock photographer extraordinaire, now has a newsletter and consulting service on selling stock and video. Most recent newsletter calls attention to Apple iPhone ads showing off the camera ability in the new devices.

Noting that Apple has in the bottom .. . "Additional equipment and software used"
What Sells?
By Jim Pickerell Posted: 7/12/2017 Read Full Article (2 Credits) 1524 words 7/12/2017

Assuming you are taking pictures because you want to earn some money from what you produce, it would be very helpful to have some information about which images among the hundreds of millions out there are actually selling, and how frequently. What’s in demand? - Read the whole story...

Shooting Video With A Smartphone
By Jim Pickerell Posted: 7/10/2017 Read Full Article (1 Credit) 156 words 7/10/2017

The ads make it sound easy to get great pictures using a smartphone. Certainly a lot can be done with an iPhone 7, but when watching a spectacular ad look for the little n…

iPhone of the future!?

Mashable on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone tries to look forward to the next 10 years. It never goes the way you think. I've always enjoyed reading in the Sixties how the first digital device would be the front door lock. Arguing how it hasn't been upgraded in hundreds of years. Oh well, the crystal ball is a bit cloudy.

So it will have better sound and range. But how much will it cost. Will land lines be extinct? e already have a great camera. So it will have to have some sort of zoom lens. What we really need is better archiving and then there is video.

Only way to know is wait and see.