Telephoto lens - - -try a pair of binoculars

With all the talk about photographing the eclipse on August 21st, I thought I'd remind smartphone photographers to use a pair o binoculars to get closer. Just taking a photo with the smartphone will only show the sun as a speck.

The makers say that taking a photo into the sun won't damage the camera!

You will need to mount the phone on a tripod and free up your hands for holding the pair of binoculars steady. Takes some moving it around to get it centers. Maybe a friend could hold the pair of binoculars for you while you study the back. Tap on the sun to get everything in focus. Then take the photo

Here is a sample of a normal view, then one holding the binoculars in front of the lens.

Of course you can just look at it yourself with a pair of "eclipse" glasses. There will be plenty of quality photos taken. But, being able to change the focal length with a pair of binoculars gives you a way to photograph a pet or child playing sports or preforming on stage. When you are not taking photos you can lok through the binoculars and see for yourself.


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